Source code for astwro.utils.CycleFile

import os

[docs]class CycleFile(object): """ Creates series of files with names containing counter, with symlink to newest one """ def __init__(self, path, basename, extension='', create_symlinks=True, symlink_suffix='_last', auto_close=True): """ :param auto_close: :param str path: patch to the file, absolute or relative, can be empty string '' for current directory :param str basename: first part of file name before counter :param str extension: part of filename after counter :param str create_symlinks: whether to create symlink to newest file :param str symlink_suffix: part of suffix filename in place of counter value :param bool auto_close: close prev files on next_file nad destruction """ self.path = path self.basename = basename self.extension = extension self.create_symlinks = create_symlinks self.symlink_suffix = symlink_suffix self.auto_close = auto_close self.counter = 0 self.file = None self.filename_formatter = '{}{:03d}{}' self.symlink_formatter = '{}{}{}' self.file_mode = 'w' self.open_kwargs = None self.filepath = None pass def __enter__(self): return self def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback): self.close() return True def __del__(self): if self.auto_close and self.file is not None: self.close() def next_file(self, counter=None): if counter is None: counter = self.counter + 1 self.counter = counter if self.auto_close and self.file is not None: self.file.close() self.file = None self._link() filename = self.filename_formatter.format(self.basename, counter, self.extension) filepath = os.path.join(self.path, filename) if self.open_kwargs is not None: self.file = open(filepath, self.file_mode, **self.open_kwargs) else: self.file = open(filepath, self.file_mode) self.filepath = filepath return self.file def close(self): if self.file is not None: self.file.close() self._link() def _link(self): if self.create_symlinks and self.filepath: symlname = self.symlink_formatter.format(self.basename, self.symlink_suffix, self.extension) symlpath = os.path.join(self.path, symlname) if os.path.exists(symlpath): os.remove(symlpath) os.symlink(self.filepath, symlpath)