Source code for astwro.utils

from .TmpDir import TmpDir
from .CycleFile import CycleFile
from .ProgressBar import ProgressBar

[docs]def tmpdir(use_existing=None, prefix='astwro_tmp_', base_dir=None): """ Creates instance of TmpDir which creates and keeps lifetime of temporary directory :param str use_existing: If provided, instance will point to that directory and not delete it on destruct :param str prefix: Prefix for temporary dir :param str base_dir: Where to crate tem dir, in None system default is used :rtype: TmpDir """ return TmpDir(use_existing, prefix, base_dir)
[docs]def cyclefile(path, basename, extension='', create_symlinks=True, symlink_suffix='_last', auto_close=True): """ Creates CycleFile which can create series of files with names containing counter, with symlink to newest one :param str path: patch to the file, absolute or relative, can be empty string '' for current directory :param str basename: first part of file name before counter :param str extension: part of filename after counter :param str create_symlinks: whether to create symlink to newest file :param str symlink_suffix: part of suffix filename in place of counter value :param bool auto_close: close prev files on next_file nad destruction :rtype: CycleFile """ return CycleFile(path=path, basename=basename, extension=extension, create_symlinks=create_symlinks, symlink_suffix=symlink_suffix, auto_close=auto_close)
[docs]def progressbar(total=100, prefix='', suffix='', decimals=1, bar_length=20, step=0): """ Creates Text console progress bar object, print progress using print_progress() method :param int total: total iterations (Int) :param str prefix: prefix string (Str) :param str suffix: suffix string (Str) :param int decimals: positive number of decimals in percent complete (Int) :param int bar_length: character length of bar (Int) :param int step: allows automatic progress increasing on parameter-less print_progress call :rtype:ProgressBar """ return ProgressBar(total=total, prefix=prefix, suffix=suffix, decimals=decimals, bar_length=bar_length, step=step)