Installation through PyPI

Use standard pip installation:

$ pip install astwro

This also installs command line scripts.


Developed of astwro have been switched to Python 3. Most of the code still works with Python 2, but support for this version will be dropped.

The different submodules have different requirements, the common requirements are:

  • pandas
  • astropy
  • scipy

pydaophot module, and tools that use it, requires the installation of modern Peter B. Stetson’s DAOPHOT package. However, there is no guarantee that yours version will work with pydaophot.

The optimization of PSF stars set using genetic algorithm ( tool) uses deap GA package and bitarray.

github Installation

One can also install unreleased version from github


astwro.cfg configuration file

The astwro module uses configuration file astwro.cfg.

On import, astwro is looking for astwro.cfg in the following directories:


and reads found files in that order, overwriting repeated parameters.

The default configuration file is included in the module: [astwro path]/config/config/astwro.cfg and can be used as template for creating user’s own ones.

Default configuration – default astwro.cfg file content:

# Patches (optional) and names of executables
daophot = sdaophot
allstar = sallstar
fnpeaks = fnpeaks
diffphot = diffphot3
sextractor = sex
scamp = scamp
sky2xy = sky2xy
xy2sky = xy2sky

# Location of standard config files
# daophot.opt =
# allstar.opt =
# photo.opt =
# sextractor.conf =
# sextractor.param =